Mothers Day personalized PhotoBook – ten delightful ideas

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For Mother’s day, we all want to do something special for our mothers. I think a mother is the most special person in one’s life, her unconditional love and support are unmatched. 

When it comes to choosing a gift to make her feel special, it’s a difficult choice. Her usual response to what can I get for you is: I have everything I need and more!

For a mother that has everything, how does one pick a unique gift that truly shows how special she is?

What gift can you give your mother who gave the priceless gift of life itself?

What can I get for my mother that will make her happy?

These were the questions I was struggling with when I came up with the idea of making a personalized Photobook for my mother.

I wanted to tell her what she means to me, and a Photobook for Mother’s Day seemed an ideal way to express my feelings towards her. A mother is someone who knows us inside out.

“There were times, in middle school and junior high, I didn’t have a lot of friends. But my mom was always my friend. Always.”

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Taylor Swift in an interview with Great American Country.

Let’s make a Photobook gift for mother’s day?

Would you like to join me as we explore this project together? There could be so many ways to create this book, after all, we share a rich history with our mothers. If you would like some practical details about making a Photobook, you can see this post. A friend of mine has a mother-daughter journal they share, it’s a great way to have conversations that otherwise one may not have. Both of them use the same journal and when some important insight, a sad event, a happy event, or a perplexing situation arises, they sit with that journal quietly and write in it and then leave it on the other person’s pillow for them to find it and respond. Over the years, they have used a few journals for this purpose and these journals contain a rich history of growing together.

Mother’s day photobook ideas

We need to have a broad outline for the project so that we are able to accomplish what we set out to do. Projects like this are easy to start, but along the way, one can get overwhelmed with ideas and eventually leave the project unfinished. Do know that this will take some doing and a lot of redoing because a page that looked awesome yesterday may look tacky today! Make a list of chapters you are going to include in the book and try to stick to it. So I came up with a broad list of ideas for this book, sharing some of those here with you. You can pick from these or have your own, but do make a list.

Pictures from Old Albums

Adding black & white scanned pictures from old albums makes the photobook priceless for your mother.

Find old pictures that are important to her and scan them. These could be pictures of herself, her parents, grandparents, siblings, or anyone else that has a special place in her heart. You can source these from family albums, aunts, and uncles. Make sure those are scanned at least 300 dpi resolution otherwise the prints will look blurry. See here how low-resolution pictures look like when printed. Make a chapter with these scanned pictures and add titles if possible.

Letters I have been meaning to write to you

Adding some letters to your mother in the photobook makes it so much more meaningful.

We can make a chapter with several notes about events from the past. We have all had silly and sometimes very serious arguments with our parents while growing up. Looking back now, one is not exactly proud of those teenage outbursts. How about writing some letters to mom to tell her how you felt at that time and how you feel today – what has changed? Are there any apologies to be made, if yes, write those.

You irritate me when

This chapter could go something like this:

Mom I have to let you know this!

You bug the hell out of me when you tell me to save money! I got the point Ma, you don’t have to keep reminding me.

I know all about the chocolates that you have been sneaking into Sarah’s pockets when we come to visit you. Remember how you used to get mad when granny did that? How come you are doing that now!

What my friends say about you

A beautifully made photo book gift for Mother's Day will make your mom cry happy tears.

How about telling her things that will make her feel special – something like this:

You have found your way into my friends’ hearts as well, Mumma. Remember, Becky – she visited me from Melbourne last summer and we were revisiting all those childhood memories. She has so many fond memories of you, the time when her mother was sick and you baked a special cake for her birthday. All those times when she used to come for a sleepover and you would make her favorite desserts. She was asking about you and sends her your love. My college friends also love you and have fond memories of the big basket of cookie collection I used to bring with me after vacations.

Hair Stories

All of us have had “ Hair arguments” with moms. She would prefer to keep it clean and neat and we wanted to be fashionable! How about a page on this subject? Something like this maybe..?

I don’t want that oil in my hair!

Remember all those tussles we had about my hair? When I was little I wanted to be Rapunzel! And how much fuss I made whenever you wanted to trim my hair? I would rush crying to Papa and he and I would hide in the garage. And the next day I would come home with my hair all tangled with chewing gum stuck into them. And you always had so much patience to deal with all such accidents.

My favorite memory of you

Make a photobook for mothers day, include your favorite pictures.
Mother's day photobook

A chapter with your favorite memory/memories of growing up with Mom? How about collecting several such memories and making a chapter? Something like this:

Do you remember Aunt Patricia’s wedding..? You wore a red dress and you helped her dress up. Do you know something? I thought you looked prettier than the bride. You looked so radiant and gorgeous mom! While everyone was waiting for their turn with the hairdresser, you stepped out from some fresh air, and you looked like a fairy goddess to me. You are so beautiful mom, have I told you this?  

Your hugs are precious to me

Mother's day PhotoBook ideas - talk about her hugs!

Of course we all love to hug our moms! It’s time to tell her what her hugs mean to you.

If there were a way to pack you hugs, I would carry it in my purse everywhere with me. Your hugs make me feel safe and loved. Whenever I hug you it’s like you recharge me, mom! 

I dedicate this poem to you mom

Mother's day photobook gift - dedicate a poem to your mother
Mother’s day photobook gift – dedicate a poem to your mother

Sometimes our words fall sort of expressing the love we feel inside. Look for a poem that resonates with you – sometimes poets describe what we are feeling inside –  dedicate one such poem to your mother in the Photobook:

Wonderful Mother

God made a wonderful mother,

A mother who never grows old;

He made her smile of the sunshine,

And He molded her heart of pure gold;

In her eyes He placed bright shining stars,

In her cheeks fair roses you see;

God made a wonderful mother,

And He gave that dear mother to me.

~ Pat O’Reilly

Cooking together with you

Make a chapter about cooking stories. Tell her about your experiments with her recipes, new ones that you have perfected, or never could get right. There could be a chapter with family recipes even. Who knows, during Christmas holidays this chapter in Mother’s Day Photobook gift could become a savior when you are looking for a dessert recipe. You may also want to share your appreciation for her culinary skills. Something like this may be:

I can never be as good a cook as you are, mom! You have oodles of patience and I have little. I marvel at how diligently you cook, taking the time to do each step perfectly. I love this picture Sam took of us while making dumplings. You folded them so neatly and I made a mess of each one I tried! Watching you cook is fun and eating what you cook is heaven.

You are the one that keeps me going

Mother's Day photobook gift

Tell her how her unwavering support gives you the strength to go over the rough patches that life throws at you. Write a letter, acknowledging this, and share your gratitude with her. On days when your mother’s not feeling great, she will find motivation in this Mother’s Day Photobook gift.

You have always been there for me. All through these years, you have been my rock-solid support. When I got bullied at school, you were there to listen to me. You showed me how to stand up for myself. You used to drive me to dance school every weekend and stitched all those pretty costumes. When I lost that dance competition, you took me to the park and we had so many ice creams! And when Peter broke-up with me and I had my first heartbreak, you were there for me, you listened to my sob story again and again. You would sit up with me late at night and make hot chocolate to help me sleep. Sometimes I wonder what would I do without you, mom!

Things I have learned from you

Mother's Day photobook gift ideas

Mom’s are always keen to hear from us and we seldom have time to have long heartfelt conversations with them. It may be a good idea to include some notes in your Mother’s Day Photobook. How about making up for those lost times with some notes sharing some earnest feelings with her:

As I look back, I can see there’s a lot I have absorbed from just being around you. I never thought I would end up being like you, but here I am, a replica of you in so many ways. Interestingly, I find myself receiving Aunt Claire’s ugly sweaters graciously. To acknowledge her efforts, I even wore that ugly orange one to her birthday party. Just like you, I understand now that her sense of aesthetics is different than mine.

It has saved me countless arguments with my mother in law, she loves loud colors and is always bringing me bed-spreads in red and yellow! Can you imagine what an eyesore those can be, mom? And yet, I put them in our bedroom to make her happy. Incredibly, I have become like you. As a child, I used to get mad and wanted to fight with Gran for being mean to you.

I guess that’s it for me for now! Are you feeling inspired to make a Photobook for your mother? I would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts on this idea, and I would like to see your photo books and anything else you come up with for Mother’s Day.

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